Oil industry
Africa : advising client in IFC Ombudsman (CAO) mediation process
Europe : stakeholder engagement and risk communication strategy on contaminated land
Asia : preparations negotiations oil exploration with indigenous peoples

Mining industry

Netherlands : design and implement Conflict Mineral policy based on Dodd Frank and OECD 
Africa : design and negotiate clauses mining law
Africa : advise civil society on Community Development Agreements

Gas and Shale gas industry
Netherlands : design societal impact assessment, advise on stakeholder engagement
Netherlands : design Joint Fact Finding and legitimate multi-stakeholder board

Extractive industry general
negotiate financial standards for EITI
negotiate social standards for Equator
negotiate social standards for Better Coal
design and setup multistakeholder Board EITI The Netherlands

Wind energy
Netherlands : caucus policy mediation process

Chemical industry
Netherlands : design and setup multi-stakeholder monitoring committee

Mediation general
Africa : setup interreligious dialogue Islam - Christians

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